RSUH Academic Affairs Office. Phone + 7 495 250 6310

Miusskaya Square 6, bld. 6, room 216, Moscow

The Academic Affairs Office was formed in 2006

Mission: the Academic Affairs Office is the principal RSUH department within the system of higher professional education. It is in charge of drawing up and developing curricula and of training professionals in the humanities and in social and informational sciences.

Goal: The Academic Affairs plans, maintains, and coordinates the teaching process at the University; it monitors and controls the performance of the RSUH institutes, schools, and departments.

Head of the Office: + 7 (499) 250 6310

Deputy Head for M.A. programs:+ 7 (499) 250 6549


  • operational management of the teaching process with due account for the multi-tiered education system;
  • developing curricula for knowledge areas and majors in accordance with the framework of the University’s development and in accordance with federal state educational standards for the higher professional education;
  • planning, organizing, and controlling finances and personnel required for ensuring the sustainability of the teaching process;
  • participating in planning and organizing the activities of the University’s Methodological Council.

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