Scheduling and room allocation group. Phone +7(495)250 6226

Miusskaya Square 6, bldg. 3, room 602, Moscow

Scheduling and room allocation sector is a group within the RSUH Academic Affairs Office reporting directly to the Head of the Office.

The Group compiles the schedule of classes, one of the principal documents regulating the teaching process at the University.

Head of the group:

senior programmer, phone + 7(495)250 6226

The Service’s principal tasks and functions include:

  • compiling and correcting class schedules conducive to the optimal teaching process and faculty efficiency;
  • compiling a schedule in accordance with the curricula and syllabi of the University;
  • creating optimal conditions for the performance of the faculty’s teaching duties;
  • compiling a schedule that would ensure the continuity of the day’s studies and teaching, an equal weekly distribution of students’ workload (including their classroom studies and their independent work) with due account for possible extracurricular events;
  • taking into account the dynamics of students’ daily performance capability and their subjects’ level of complexity;
  • rational use of space with due account for sanitary and hygienic requirements.

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