Graduation and diploma issuance sector. Phone +7(495)250 6289

Miusskaya Square 6, bld. 6, room 622a, Moscow

Graduation and diploma issuance sector is a sector within the RSUH Academic Affairs Office reporting directly to the Head of the Office.

The Sector draws up, re-issues, and issues higher education diplomas and manages the state-recognized diploma-related documents.

 Head of the Sector:

Степанова Н.В.

Natalya Stepanova, + 7 (495) 250 6289


Senior records manager:

Irina Kunasheva, + 7 (495) 250 6289

The Sector’s principal tasks and functions include:

  • preparing and holding state final examinations and senior thesis defenses for the university graduates;
  • handling the logistics of the state final examination and senior thesis defenses with due account for the multi-tiered educational system in place at the University;
  • issuing higher education certificates;
  • holding training seminars and notifying the university faculty and staff of the changes in the regulations on the state final examinations;
  • accounting for and controlling the use of official documentation forms.

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