Internship Sector. Phone +7(495)250 6236

Miusskaya Square 6, bld. 7, room 228

Internship Sector is a sector within the RSUH Academic Affairs Office reporting directly to the Head of the Office.

The Sector arranges and monitors timely and high-quality internships for the RSUH students.

Head of the Sector:

Козлова Н.А.

Natalya Kozlova, +7(495)250 6236

Senior records manager:

Lyudmila Bakhareva, + 7(495)250 6236

The Sector’s principal tasks and functions include:

  • arranging internships in accordance with the curricula and ensuring that students intern in a timely manner;
  • determining and approving home institutions as well as curricula, terms, and number of interns;
  • maintaining permanent ties with various institutions aimed at perfecting students’ internships;
  • drawing up regulations and holding events aimed at perfecting the teaching process.

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