Research and Information Sector. Phone + 7 (495) 250 6642

Miusskaya Square 6, bld. 6, room 306

Research and Information Sector is a sector within the RSUH Academic Affairs Office reporting directly to the Head of the Office.

The Sector manages research and information activities of the RSUH Academic Affairs Office, ensures timely submissions of required information by the RSUH institutes, schools, and departments.

Head of the SectorAlla Artamonova, +7 (499) 250-6642

Антонова А.Б.   

Academic and methodological work specialists:  Lilik Arutchyan, + 7 (495) 250 6642

The Sector’s principal tasks and functions include:

  • collecting and storing paper and electronic data on the RSUH work for further research and systematization;
  • collecting the information the Academic Affairs Office submits to the RSUH general offices;
  • preparing documents for the periodical licensing and state accreditation.

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