Academic Logistics Sector. Phone + 7 (495) 250 6146

Miusskaya Square 6, bld. 6, room 216, Moscow

Academic Logistics Sector is a sector within the RSUH Academic Affairs Office reporting directly to the Head of the Office.

The sector’s activities include planning, organizing, controlling, and maintaining high-quality support for curricula in the B.A., specialist, and M.A. programs implemented at RSUH for full-time, part-time, and distance learning students.

Head of the Sector:

Zenin Kirill Vladimirovich, + 7 (499) 250 6146

Academics and methodology:

Elena Poklad, + 7 (495) 250-6146
Galina Protasova, + 7 (495) 250-6623


The Sector’s principal tasks and functions:

  • developing frameworks for organizing the teaching process with the use of modern educational technologies and with due account for the multi-tiered educational system in place at the University;
  • developing curricula for majors and knowledge areas in accordance with state standards;
  • operational management of the teaching process;
  • managing the departments’ performance reports, controlling the faculty workload distribution.

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